Religious Tolerance


Introduction: The theme into account is more applicable through this time of our political, social and religious disturbance than at any other time inside the heritage of the country. A retrospective explore the functions of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (C.C.S.L.) cum the Inter-Spiritual Council in relation for their quest for any peaceful settlement from the disaster During this place Considering that the signing of the main peace accord and two Other individuals thereafter, is not going to depart us in any doubt as towards the relevance of the subject. As I probe The subject, I recognize there are specified important words that need to be taken critically. These text are: comprehension, tolerance, cooperation and tranquil co-existence. Even so, without the need of the practical implementation in the meaning of these terms, Christianity and Islam are going to be observed to generally be everlasting foes on the price of development. In my observation, I am persuaded that three crucial things among the others compel us to deal with this subject matter: 1. The brotherhood in the human race 2. The similarity of religious beliefs three. The widespread legacy of social challenges.


The brotherhood from the human race is a powerful factor in the promotion of Christian – Muslim conversation for knowing, tolerance, cooperation and peaceful co-existence. Abdal-Rahman Azzarus, previous Secretary, common of the Arab League in between 1945-1952 emphasised the significance of brotherhood when he pointed out.

Arabian society was divided by tribal prejudices and uncurbed individualism and human society was dominated by racial bigotry and pleasure in lineage in the event the prophet appeared together with his contact to brotherhood echoing the cry of God: ‘O mankind! Lo! Now we have developed you male and Feminine, and have made you nations and tribes you may know one another and become friends. Lo! The noblest of you, while in the sight of Allah, is the greatest in carry out.1

The instructing of the Bible supports brotherhood, and we see this portrayed in some ways:

(1) Throughout the development story in Genesis chapters one and a couple of, the first man and ancestor of mankind was developed, presented a lover, an abode and tasks to take care of his new setting and procreate.

(2) With the story in the Tower of Babel we see a people today Talking a single language, identify to construct a town in addition to a tower to be able to generate a name for by themselves in whole defiance of God’s command to populate The complete earth. God place A fast prevent to their intentions, baffled their language and scattered them overseas.

(3) Through the post-flood narratives in Genesis chapter 10 and 15 Noah’s 3 sons subscribe to the origin of Nations as Now we have them nowadays, an notion confirmed by anthropologist, Arthur Custance:

a. The descendants of Japheth (Gen. ten:2-five) are Germany, Russia, Persia, Greece, Italy, The united states, Spain and Cyprus.

b. The descendants of Ham (Gen. ten:6-20) incorporate the subsequent – Ethiopia, Egypt, black Africa, the Canaanites of Palestine now called Palestinians, Babylon and Assyria (now often known as Iraq), Phoenicia, the oriental individuals of China, Japan, and India.

c. On top of that, the descendants of Shem (Gen. ten:21-32; 11:ten -32) are definitely the Country of Israel by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and the center East Arab international locations as a result of Abraham, Ishmael and Esau.

Apparently, there are actually Christians in addition to Muslims among the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth up to now outlined higher than. In several portions of the Quran Conversely, the Prophet Muhamad’s belief in the brotherhood of your human race is presented confirmation (see suras -3:sixty four; 42: thirteen; two:256). In one particular instance we go through in sura two:136 the next statement: “we have confidence in Allah Which which can be revealed unto us and that which was disclosed unto Abraham, and Ishmael and Isaac, and Jacob, plus the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, Which which the prophets received from their Lord. We make no difference between any of them, and unto Him Now we have surrendered”2 Definitely, what this sura is indicating would be that the brotherhood of the human race is 1 absolutely sure and critical frequent denominator in inter-faith understanding.


The second underlying variable for Christian knowledge of Islam for spiritual tolerance, inter-religion cooperation and tranquil co-existence is The reality that in equally Christianity and Islam, You can find similarity of spiritual beliefs. Lest I need to be misunderstood, I need to underscore below the Suggestions of similarity neither connotes that Christianity and Islam are the identical, nor imply the Bible is one and the same theological doctrines but All those teachings which might be related ought also be Actually offered thanks regard so as to persuade conversation among The 2 religions.

(1) SOME EXAMPLE OF Very similar Spiritual BELIEFS: There exists perception in a single God, prophecy, worship, prayers, mercy, regulation, scriptures, patriarchs, sin, forgiveness, judgment, Heaven, hell, Angels, rewards, eternal life, moral character, justice and independence and a lot of Other individuals. What commonly sparks of discussion, unwell will and malice is when proponents of both religions either advertently or inadvertently emphasize People beliefs that are dissimilar at the cost of those that are equivalent.

In his ebook, Sandals with the Mosque, Kenneth Cragg is on the impression that “Islam and Christianity deal fundamentally Using the

Identical items and to a substantial extent deal with them in exactly the same way. The distinctiveness that lies further than the commonness is major and inclusive and reaches back again inevitably to qualify precisely what is shared. The Christian presence in witness should do critically and gloriously with this particular distinctiveness. But only on the bottom f points in widespread”. three Basically, what on earth is typical perception to each religions will have to serve as points of contact for improved knowing but must not function a deterrent for critically examining what’s distinctively antithetical to both equally religions.

(2) Some Illustration of Dissimilar Spiritual beliefs or Details of Divergence

The fatherhood of God is denied simply because God does not have a wife and for that reason, doesn’t have small children but slaves. Jesus Christ Based on Muslims, isn’t the Son of God but an apostle despatched by God. He’s a person along with the slave of God. Islam also denies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (see sura 4:155ff). While in the words and phrases of this verse – “They did not kill him and they didn’t crucify him, but one was created to resemble him”4 There are numerous other points of divergence but we have to remind ourselves all over again that so that you can foster being familiar with, cooperation and tranquil co-existence points of similarity must be The idea towards that conclusion.

THE Prevalent LEGACY OF SOCIAL Troubles

That the two Christianity and Islam have a standard legacy of social challenges is actually a undeniable fact that clearly manifests by itself from state to region among the ancient and in the present contemporary societies or communities. The Bible as well as Quran are ancient religions and theological publications that function a manual not simply towards the adherents of Islam and Christianity and also to the entire entire world in general.